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10 & 2 Q: Should You Eat Fat To Burn Fat? Part 2

In the last 10 and Two Q, Nicki asked me about the Concept of eating fat to burn fat…

I debunked this notion however, you guys had LOTS of questions. So we’re back on exactly the same topic. I’m diving a little deeper, so answering more of your thoughts/concerns around eating fat to shed body fat.

Eating loads of fat to burn off your own body fat is controversial issue in the keto environment. Click above to hear my own accept it.

Full Transcript:

Nicki: S O Robb, you had some follow on opinions to the eat fat to get rid of fat ten and 2 question that we had.

Robb: Yeah. It turned out to be a super popular question and love all of the comments. This is how I know and keep to discover what people desire. So, I super love that stuff. It’s interesting in the start of a low carb or ketogenic diet, it will nearly feel like magic as you really kind of feel as if it is possible to eat significantly a lot more than everything you’ve ever eaten in the past, and you still drop weight, you’re feeling better, your own energy levels are sort of regulated. I’ve talked to Luis Villasenor,” Tyler Cartwright of all Ketogains, also there’s a lot going on there in the beginning of this procedure.

Robb: I think people are pretty inefficient at using fat, so and so, they’re not necessarily utilizing the complete calorie load which they’re taking in, particularly if we things such as nuts, which are actually fairly tough to digest. So, though the package may say a quarter cup of almonds is 25 grams of fat, by way of instance, it could be sort of difficult to extract that full 25 g of fat out of that versus, say, doing butter up, or some sort of an activity fat. But, honestly, on the duration of time, what we find is that as people officially become fat adapted, they probably want fewer calories, more.

Robb: And, that really is among the huge problems that’s dropped in the very low carb and ketogenic distance, is that there’s this story you could just eat unlimited amounts of fat. And again, in the beginning, that may be sort of true. This was an experience that I had. I used to be eating probably 5,000 calories every day. I felt good, I got leaner, I got lean, directly in the love handle region, which is kind of the insulin immune. Therefore those matters improved, but then it kind of stalled out. And, I really did want to start limiting my calorie ingestion.

Robb: Plus it’s interesting, years back I was talking to Greg Glassman, the founder of cross fit. He was, and is, a major fan of this Zone diet. Which most people today aren’t aware, the zone diet, even when you get to a level of leanness that encourages your activity level and your body composition you would like, you actually add a significant number of fat. It may be considered a 65, 70 per cent fat diet if everything is all said and done. And, what exactly he observed is that folks run maybe as much as 20 to 25 percent lower in caloric need than what we’d generally expect. And, this can be really consistent, with exactly what Tyler and Luis have seen within their practice, within Ketogains, is that people may actually need fewer calories on non carbohydrate, especially Keto, or perhaps a peri-Ketogenic dietplan.

Robb: I presume if you’re getting a great deal of nutrient density, then whole unprocessed foods that generally you need fewer calories if it’s said and done. There’s some pure down-regulation in thyroid creation, which we’ve talked about this, also we can dig right into that , but I presume that ’s actually natural and normal. And, when we look at calorie restriction and longevity research, that is really quite consistent with that. So again, the main reason why I presume there is a confusion about how this particular fat intake issue is, at the start, the body may actually respond differently than what it really does once you’r e fat accommodated.