Increase Your Weight Loss By Eating “Super” Foods

Increase Your Weight Loss By Eating “Super” Foods

We have all heard of nutritional “super” foods. These foods can build your immune system, help prevent disease, improve your skin, and help to improve your memory as well. What most people do not know however is that these foods also have the ability to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Not only can these foods help you to reach your goals, they can help you maintain them as well. The first food on our list would be black beans. Black beans are full of protein, and only one cup can contain 15 g. This helps you to feel full and satisfied without the additional saturated fat that comes from alternate protein sources such as red meat.

If you prefer meat as a protein source, a lean cut of salmon can do the job. Not only can it provide you with a good source of protein to help you feel full and satisfied, it also provides your body with a great source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Other Weight Loss Foods

Eating foods that are rich in fiber are a great way to feel full and satisfied throughout the day as well. Starting off your day with oats can be a good source of this fiber. The oats also contain healthy carbohydrates that work to boost your body’s metabolism and help your body to burn fat.

Of course, do not forget to add your fruit into the mix as well. Blueberries are high on the list of fiber foods that can help you to feel full and satisfied. These little powerhouses are known for their rich antioxidants, but eating one cup can also provide you with 4 g of filling fiber.

Eating just one pear a day can provide you with approximately 15% of your daily fiber. Those who eat pears throughout the day tend to consume fewer calories and in turn lose weight. Be sure to wash the pear thoroughly and eat the entire fruit, skin and all. The skin is where the highest amount of fiber is contained.

Another great fruit for weight loss would be the grapefruit. Studies show that if you eat half a grapefruit before consuming a meal it can help you lose up to a whole pound a week. This fruit is a great source of fiber and also helps your body to lower insulin. Insulin acts as a fat storage hormone and its reduction can lead to weight loss.

Next would be your vegetables. Broccoli is high on the list not only for its cancer fighting properties but for its filling fiber as well. With only 30 cal per serving it is a great addition to any dish.

Weight loss foods

You may not think of the potato as part of a weight loss diet because they are high in carbohydrates. However, a potato can be three times more filling than that of a piece of bread and it provides resistant starch which helps your body to burn its fat.

Adding these “super” foods into your weight loss diet plan can be very helpful in cutting your calories by making you feel consistently full and satisfied.