The Metabolism Weight Gain Connection


As you get older, one of the things you may notice that begins to change is the number on the scale. You might start to see that you’re gaining weight. If you’re someone who hasn’t really changed the way you eat, this can cause you to wonder what’s going on.


The culprit behind the additional pounds could be your metabolism. As you grow older, it naturally slows down, causing the pounds to pile up. Most people just accept it as part of the aging process, but you don’t have to let it happen.


Age Isn’t the Only Thing Slowing Your Metabolism


Aging isn’t the only reason that your metabolism changes. It could be hereditary. Studies have shown that genetics play a role in not only your DNA, but in the way that your genes affect your metabolism.


You can have either a slow or a fast metabolism and this can affect your weight. When some people notice that they’re gaining weight, they immediately start cutting back on their food intake.


Sometimes they do this to the point that this restriction in food is less than the daily recommended minimum number of calories that should be consumed. If you’re eating too few calories, instead of helping your weight, it ends up making things worse.


That’s because when the body perceives you’re not eating enough, it goes into survival mode and holds onto the fat at the same time it slows your metabolism even more. So while a low carb diet may be healthy, if you go too low with calories, it’s bad for you.


What and how much you drink also matters as much as what you eat. One of the things that can affect your metabolism is dehydration. When you’re not drinking enough water, this can work against your weight loss process because it slows your metabolism down.


In order to keep your metabolism working well, you need to make sure you drink the recommended six to eight glass of water per day. You’ll want to be careful not to consume a lot of drinks that are causing you to dehydrate.


This can counteract the goal of drinking water for hydration. For example, if you drink a lot of beverages with caffeine such as coffee or tea, this can lead to dehydration and impact your metabolism.


If you drink alcohol, you’ll want to limit the amount you consume because this leads to dehydration as well. There can also be hidden reasons that you’re struggling with weight loss due your metabolism not working the way that it should.


As you get older, you may find the need to have to take certain medications. Sometimes, these medicines can make your metabolism slow down. If you take high blood pressure pills, these can affect your metabolism rate.


Beta blockers can cause this effect as well. Sometimes, even over the counter medications can be the problem. For example, if you take antihistamines for worsening allergies, these pills can interact negatively with your metabolism.


As you grow older, another thing that happens is your hormones will change. This occurs in both men and women. When your hormones change, you may not even realize what’s going on.


You simply don’t feel as upbeat or have as much energy as you once did. Hormonal changes can interrupt the normal function of your metabolism. You may simply accept the lethargy as part of the aging process, but it doesn’t have to be something you live with.


Why A Lowered Metabolism Contributes to Weight Gain


Some people don’t know exactly what their metabolism is and the role it can play in contributing to weight gain. Your metabolism is just a series of processes. When you consume food, your body goes through a process of turning those calories into energy for you to use.


This is the job that your metabolism does. Because your body needs a lot of energy, your metabolism stays pretty busy converting calories into that for you. It’s even working during the times that you’re not busy doing anything but sitting around or sleeping.


Your metabolic rate won’t be the same as someone else’s will be because you’ll have things about you that another person won’t have. For example, your body may be larger or smaller and that does make a difference.


When someone is bigger, their calorie burn changes versus someone who’s smaller. People who have more muscle than fat tend to have a higher metabolic rate, you’re your gender matters when it comes to metabolism as well.


If you’re a woman, you’re going to have a slower metabolic rate working to convert the food into energy. Men tend to have a higher metabolic rate. This means that the way their body stores, uses and burns calories is going to be different.


When your metabolism is slower, it doesn’t cause the body to burn as many calories. When you have calories that don’t get converted into energy and burned as fuel, they stick around and form the added pounds on your body.


These pounds inevitably become fat stores, which makes losing weight even more difficult. You can easily tell if you have a fast or slow metabolism based on the amount of food that you eat.


If you can regularly eat a lot of calories or large meals and you’re not engaging in strenuous physical activity or gaining weight, then it’s likely that you have a fast metabolism.


If you can eat normally, regularly exercise and still have trouble with weight gain, then odds are high that yours is a slow metabolism. With a slow metabolism, the problem isn’t solved by limiting more of your food intake or exercising harder.


There are a few ways that you can help a slow metabolism speed up. Two of these ways will surprise you because you may not realize the connection between them and the way the metabolic process works.


One way to speed up the metabolism is to make sure you get enough sleep. Losing sleep can cause a dysregulation in the metabolic process and slow your metabolism.

Another way is to start your day by making sure that you eat breakfast. There are also other, natural ways you can help your metabolism.


Natural Ways to Boost Your Metabolism


There are natural ways that you can give your metabolism a boost. Some of these methods are things you can eat or drink, but other methods involve things that you can do.


Your metabolism basically means the rate at which your body burns calories. This is why you want your metabolism to be fast. Not only does a faster metabolism equal fewer pounds stored, but it also means that you’ll have better long term weight loss results, too.


One natural way to boost your metabolism is to eat meat or other forms of protein. When you eat, it makes your body get to work. The food must be converted from calories to energy and the way that this happens is through the digestive process.


Some foods are quickly absorbed and become energy. But other foods, like protein, make the body work a lot harder to handle that process. Because of this harder work, it makes your metabolic rate increase.


This increase makes your body burn calories faster, so you end up losing weight. Not only that, but because protein is a food source that sticks with you rather than something like a simple carb, which is absorbed too quickly, you won’t feel like you’re hungry all the time.


Don’t sit around. You’ve heard this advice countless times. Sitting for long periods of time does more than just make it difficult to lose weight. It can shave years off your life. At the same time, the habit of sitting also slows down your metabolism.


The less active you are, the slower your metabolism. You might be someone who, right now, just can’t find the time to commit to a regular exercise program. But you can take steps to shake things up in what you would normally do that will make a difference.


You can take the stairs instead of the elevator. Don’t park close to the store when you’re going shopping. Wear wrist and ankle weights. The resistance from wearing those will help speed up your metabolism.


Choose beverages that are natural. Get rid of things like colas and other sugar-laden drinks – because not only do they add calories, but they do nothing for your metabolism. Pick a natural drink such as water.


Not only can drinking water keep you hydrated, which speeds up your metabolism naturally, but it can also help keep the calories down and make you feel full. When you drink water, studies have shown that it boosts your metabolism long after you’ve stopped drinking it.


Look for natural things to add to your meal preparation. Instead of cooking with high fat oils, switch to coconut oil. This oil contains fatty acids that are known to boost your metabolic rate more than 10% and it also helps you get rid of those extra pounds.


Get Your Metabolism Tested to Help You Strategize Your Weight Loss


You wonder if you have a fast or slow metabolism, but you don’t have to guess which one is true or not. You can get it tested and the tests can show you what’s going on with your metabolic rate.


The results won’t be the same for each person since they’re based on certain criteria such as age, weight and gender. Once you have this test information, you’ll be able to devise a plan that’s customizable based on what your test reveals.


When you undergo metabolic testing, you’ll take more than one test and each of these tests will give you a clear picture of what’s going on. For example, there is something with the metabolism that’s known as the resting metabolic rate, but most people don’t know what it is or what it means – or if their resting rate is high or low.


The test results for the resting rate will tell you what your body’s metabolic process is doing when you’re not doing anything at all. This can be a clue that will enable you to better know how you need to plan your weight loss.


Another test that’s beneficial to help you understand and be able to work with your metabolism is known as the LTT or lactate threshold test. This lets you know if your body is having issues with lactic acid, which can affect how you feel when you are more active.


Part of metabolic testing also focuses on your oxygen volume. You might feel that you have plenty of oxygen when you exercise if you don’t get out of breath – but what’s important is how your body is able to manage that oxygen.


This part matters for how your metabolism responds during physical activity. You can do the test one of two ways. You can have your doctor order lab testing for your metabolism.


Or, you can also check it yourself by using an at-home testing kit. If you order the test yourself, you can get it online, but you may end up having to pay for it out of pocket.

Things that will show up on your test that can slow your metabolism will include things like your hormone levels, such as progesterone.


You’ll also find out what your thyroid hormone level is doing that can impact your rate. The tests also include a check for insulin as well as cortisol – because both of these can interact with your metabolic rate and cause issues.


The important reason you want to know what’s going on with your metabolism is so that you can use it to get fit. You can guess all day long and still never come up with the exact number of calories your metabolism burns.


But the tests will show you what your body does with the foods that you eat based on what your metabolism rate is. You’ll discover the number of calories that your body converts into energy.


This calorie burn level will show you whether or not the number of calories you’re consuming is too much or not. Once you know, you can create a plan that focuses on fewer calories or carbs. You can also change what you do for exercise based on the information that you gain.


Plant Extracts That Can Improve Your Metabolism


It’s a fact that if you boost your metabolism, you’ll end up losing weight. You might be someone who’s tried hard to watch what you eat as well as exercise regularly, but you’re still not seeing the results that you want.


That means you probably need some extra help and could use a dietary supplement. But when it comes to this, it’s always best to stick with something that’s natural, such as plant extracts.


You can find this in the dietary supplement CarboFix. This supplement works by boosting the speed of your body’s metabolism so it can help those who struggle with one that’s slow.



There’s nothing artificial in the supplement and it doesn’t have any fillers, either. When you use the supplement, it helps your body during the metabolic process. It works to make sure that what you’re eating is being properly converted to energy rather than ending up stored as fat.


This step can help people who have struggled with weight gain and have longed to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. By taking CarboFix, you can not only boost your metabolism, but you’ll also notice that you don’t crave foods the way that you used to.


It also helps to keep your glucose levels under control, thanks to its appetite suppression abilities. The supplement contains several natural plant-based ingredients. One of these is naringin.


This is extracted from grapefruit and studies have long shown the health benefits of that. In the supplement, naringin is used to act as an anti-inflammatory. Having inflammation in the body works to slow down your metabolic system, which is one of the reasons that you can gain weight or have trouble losing it.


Another ingredient it contains is cinnamon bark, which works to boost metabolism. At the same time it works to help with glucose control and fights against the body storing calories as fat rather than burning them as energy.


Berberine is also found in the supplement. This plant extract not only helps boost your mood along with your metabolism, but it also fights against inflammation and fatty deposits around your body’s organs.


It can also help lower cholesterol levels. The supplement also contains chromium, the same thing you find in fruits, vegetables and some protein foods. It works to boost your metabolism, helps the body process glucose, fights back against insulin resistance, and allows the body to quickly metabolize the foods that you eat.


There’s no reason to sit idly by and suffer the wrath of the aging process. You have the power to manipulate your body’s response to the calories it consumes. By focusing on a multi-pronged approach, you can shed pounds and not have to worry about a slow metabolism packing on unwanted weight.


By using common sense lifestyle approaches, paired with the benefits that a supplement like CarboFix offers, you’ll be able to see drastic changes take place over time that you previously felt were impossible.

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