Middle Age Weight Gain


As you grow older, you may develop some aches and pains and discover that it’s not as easy to do the things you could do when you were younger. But there’s something else that often happens as you hit middle age.

You start to gain weight. There can be many different reasons that this happens. Unfortunately many professionals and well-meaning friends will give cookie cutter advice on how to lose weight that’s supposed to be perfect for both genders and all ages.

The reality is, middle age weight gain can often be more stubborn to lose than when you’re young and your metabolism is off the charts. If you’ve hit a plateau and can’t seem to lose anymore, you need to pinpoint the reason and approach it methodically.

Top 3 Reasons for Middle Age Spread

It’s not just your energy level that starts to slow down once middle age hits. Your body undergoes physical changes as well. These internal changes can contribute to and often cause that middle age spread.

One of these reasons is because of what happens to your metabolism as you age. As you grow older, if you keep eating the way you did when you were young, the minute your metabolism slows down, those pounds are going to accumulate.

Even more so if you eat a lot of junk food. Your metabolism works to burn calories. That’s its function. The better your metabolism is, the less you’re going to gain from the calories you eat.

The opposite is true when it comes to aging. Your metabolism is no longer at its best. The older you are, the more you’ll gain because your metabolism can no longer function the same way that it once did.

Another reason middle age spread happens has to do with the way that your muscle mass decreases. This means you also lose more mobility with the muscle loss as well as strength.

Studies have shown that muscle mass decrease starts to occur slowly in your thirties, but happens quicker once middle age hits. The reason that this muscle loss speeds up is because as you age, muscle growth is more difficult, due to the body’s lessening growth function.

Besides issues with the metabolism and muscle mass decreasing, something else happens in the body to cause middle age spread that has to do with hormonal changes. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re going to go through these hormone issues as part of the aging cycle.

Even before you hit middle age, it’s a fact that the less testosterone you have, the more likely it is that you’re at higher risk of gaining weight. Men with lowered testosterone levels have more body fat and it tends to accumulate around the abdomen, creating a beer belly effect.

With women, as they age, their bodies stop producing as much estrogen. This hormone is one that works to keep blood glucose levels normal, and it helps to keep weight off. Having less of it means you have a greater chance of not only developing weight problems, but of getting diabetes as well due to the struggle of having higher glucose.

Poor Lifestyle Aging Habits That Are Making You Fat

There are many things that you can’t help when you get older. You can’t turn back time and suddenly become 21 again. You can’t stop the aging process, because there’s no fountain of youth.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’re not making mistakes that are aging you much faster than you should be. Some of the habits that you have may be making you fat, which in turn does age you faster.

As people get older, they often develop the mindset that they’re hitting middle age, so it doesn’t matter if they engage in a bad habit. It matters because your body pays the price for these unhealthy habits.

One habit that people embrace as they age is they become more sedentary. There are several reasons for this. Fatigue can become more common as you grow older due to declining hormonal changes.

If you’re not someone who exercises regularly, you’ll feel this fatigue at an even greater measure. When you’re tired, the last thing you want to do is something that drains more energy, so you sit down rather than be active.

As they age, people may become sedentary because they may have painful muscles or joints. It’s more painful to move about, so they sit or cut back a lot on their former level of activity.

Sometimes people sit more as they age because their hobbies change. Rather than do things that require more physical effort, they switch to hobbies that they can do sitting down.

Another poor lifestyle habit that can make you gain weight is not changing the way that you eat. When you’re younger, calories don’t hang around on the body as long because you’re more active.

You’re burning off these calories, which in turn keeps the weight gain at bay. But as you age, you don’t make the change of lowering the number of calories that you consume. Because you don’t change your diet, you gain weight.

When you’re not as active as you used to be, something has to change in order to prevent this middle age spread from happening. Most people become set in the idea of this being the way they like to eat and they’re reluctant to change.

This resistance to change can lead to the weight gain and cause health issues like heart problems and diabetes. A poor lifestyle habit that a lot of middle-aged people develop that always leads to weight gain is poor sleep habits.

Some of the sleep changes are natural. For example, as you get older, you don’t have as much melatonin as you once did – so that can contribute to the sleep difficulties. However, most sleep issues are caused by habits like eating too close to bedtime.

Choosing to watch something stimulating on television or taking care of a task that requires a lot of thinking, such as dealing with a heavy issue or paying bills can keep you up.

Worrying about health conditions or the future is something that a lot of people tend to do as they age. Not knowing how to deal with age stressors or worrying about things during bedtime is a bad habit that can not only rob you of sleep, but also rob you of good health and make you pack on the pounds.

Middle Aged Women Have a Harder Time Shedding Stored Fat

Your metabolic rate and your hormone levels are going to change as you get older. For women, this means that you’re going to struggle to get rid of stored fat. Studies have shown that women often have a more difficult time losing weight than men do.

That’s because of the role that estrogen plays in weight gain. As you get older, your body just stops being able to process the foods that you eat the way that it once did. That means that you burn fewer calories and more of the calories you consume turn to fat rather than get burned off as energy.

You’ll notice that you’re struggling to keep a healthy weight even if you’ve never struggled with weight gain in your life. The biggest reason that women do gain weight and have a harder time as they age is due to menopause.

Not only is it harder to shed pounds around this time, but it’s easier to gain as well. The problem is that the lowered amount of hormones you once had in abundance are still trying to keep up with the aging process, but they can’t.

One of the first areas that gets hit with weight gain in middle age for women is the abdomen. Depending on your body shape, you can develop a round, apple shaped abdomen that protrudes outwardly, or you can develop the weight around the sides of the abdomen, which can give off the appearance that you’re wearing an inner tube.

While a lot of women do gain weight in this area due to menopause, some will also go on to gain additional weight in the thigh region, too. This weight gain and ensuing stored fat is further complicated by the bad habits most women make as they age.

Their lifestyle makes it more difficult to lose weight. In addition to this, if a woman has a family history of middle age weight gain, she’s more likely to do the same due to the genetic component involved.

When you carry more stored fat than you should and you gain weight, it can lead to health complications. You can end up with fatty liver disease as well as heart issues. But extra stored fat also makes you more likely to get the kind of cancer commonly associated with middle age, such as breast or colon cancer.

Stress Increases, Sending Your Appetite Soaring

Aging does more than just affect your body physically with your hormones changing. It can also make your stress level increase. While dealing with stress is difficult for young people, it’s harder as you age.

The reason for this is because when you’re younger, your body is more capable of dealing with stress. But as you get older, your body isn’t able to handle the impact that occurs with stress.

When you get stressed, you don’t bounce back like you did when you were younger. As grow older, you may find that you struggle more emotionally or mentally when something stressful happens.

You’ll find that you don’t get as much sleep when you’re stressed because as you age, your stress hormones surge. Your body will have a harder time regulating the levels of these hormones.

Because of this, you can end up having higher levels of cortisol than you did during stressful times when you were younger. Your body will produce more cortisol than is needed and then it turns around and can’t process this elevated level.

The amount of cortisol left in the body makes you hungry. But not just for any type of food. Instead of wanting something healthy, thanks to the elevated cortisol, you’ll want the kinds of foods that aren’t good for you.

There are different types of stressful things you deal with growing older versus when you’re younger. For one, you end up having more responsibilities. The middle aged are commonly referred to as “the sandwich generation,” meaning they’re taking care of children as well as taking care of aging parents.

Middle aged people often need to provide financial assistance to their grown children while at the same time paying bills for or financially supporting their parents. This causes their stress levels to rise.

In addition to supporting two different generations financially, middle aged people often have to deal with a busy or stressful career or changes that come with their career. They have to handle health problems of their own in addition to helping their parents with their health as well.

Pending retirement or worry about the future is a stress issue for many middle-aged people. These different stressors can make someone who’s in this age group feel like they’re burning the candle at both ends.

The elevated cortisol levels they’re experiencing from stress can make them hungry, so they overeat. Because there may be so much to deal with emotionally, many people will turn to food as a way of seeking relief or comfort.

They want to look for something that gives them an outlet or a way to deal with the stress. But the emotional eating only makes things worse because it contributes to the middle age weight gain.

Nutrients and Supplements to Help You Lose Weight

With everything that you have to deal with as you get older, it’s vital that you put your health as a priority. When you’re healthy you’re better able to deal with things – including both physical or emotional stress.

You need to follow a healthy diet. It’s a lot easier than you might think. When it comes to healthy eating as you age, remember that color on your plate is best. That means pick vegetables that come in a range of colors like green, red, yellow, orange and purple.

Do the same when it comes to choosing fruits. When you eat grains, choose whole grains. Look for ones that have the highest amount of fiber. The meats that you consume as you age should be lean.

Choose skinless options like chicken or eat plenty of fish. Lower the amount of fat that you eat. You want to be careful about eating foods high in saturated fats. As you get older, eating right is helpful, but sometimes, it’s not enough to help you lose the weight.

That’s why you need to include the right kind of nutrients and supplements to help you shed those pounds. You can painstakingly research and count each nutrient in all the foods that you eat.

But that still might not help, because it won’t necessarily help you lose weight where you need to the most. That’s why you need to get a supplement like Beyond 40 that’s designed to help you get rid of stubborn belly fat.

This supplement is loaded with ingredients as well as nutrients designed to help people who are over 40 get rid of the excess weight. One of the ingredients that it contains is known as BioPerine black pepper extract.

The reason this ingredient is so essential is because – not only is it anti-inflammatory, but it also aids in helping those who use it get more nutritional value from the healthy foods that they eat.

Beyond 40 works to burn fat naturally, thanks to the safflower seed oil. It works to rev up your metabolism to help shed stubborn pounds. Because it’s made of other natural ingredients as well, including fatty acids, you won’t have to worry about stuff that’s bad for your health.

The maker of the product suggests that you should follow a healthy lifestyle, such as eating right and exercising because this is important as you age. Getting lean and strong requires a bit more effort when you grow older, but it’s not impossible as many seem to think it is.

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