Ten Great Tips For Your Successful Weight Loss


Losing weight can be something that you have been struggling with for many years. Below are ten tips that can get you started on a successful path to permanent weight loss.

Don’t Do This With Your Favorite Foods

Do not cut out all your favorite foods when you are on a diet. You can save up on your calories and have that forbidden treat from time to time. If you restrict your self too much you can end up giving up on the diet. Try tweaking some of your old favorites and switch to low fat options.

Start A Journal

Start a journal for your weight loss journey, at the end of everyday write in it on your feelings and what you ate for the day. You can then go back into your journal and see a pattern of mistakes you may be making on the diet.

Be honest with yourself when you write down your thoughts and feelings.

Stick up a picture of photograph of a holiday destination you would like to visit in your kitchen.

This picture can be a constant reminder on how you would like to look on this holiday. When you feel tempted to cheat take a look at the picture and what your goal is.

Make use of a scale to measure out your required food allowances. It is very easy to end up overeating with guess work. Knowing you have weighed what you are allowed to eat will put your mind at ease that you have done the right thing.

When you have lost a size or two invest in some new clothes, your new clothes are a reward for your efforts and a reminder of what you have achieved so far. Throw away clothes that have become too big for you.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Try not being too hard on yourself, if you have a particular goal for how much weight you want to lose in a week and you don’t reach it. Carry on you will eventually get there. Slow weight loss is usually permanent weight loss, be realistic about how much you want to lose on a weekly basis.

Being honest as possible with yourself will help you to lose weight the fastest. If you go over your calorie intake that’s OK, but keep a record so you take an average of the calorie intake for a week.

It is the average intake that is important at the end of the day and not just one day that you may have gone over the required intake.

The Importance Of Exercise

Exercising is one of the main factors in successful weight loss. Vary your routine from week to week and try and exercise at least three times a week. If you can get a personal trainer to give you a schedule from month to month on different exercise routines to keep you interested and motivated.

Alcohol is one of the first things to cut down on when trying to lose weight. Try and stick to what your diet recommends. Alcohol can be very deceiving as it holds a lot of sugar content that could end up making you go way over your required calories for the day.

Lastly don’t ever give up, if you fail on one diet try another until you find the right one that suits you.